Pedro Piñeros / Colombia - DTS May 2016

"Ywam was an eye opening experience for me, I changed from a religion to a relationship with God. Definitely a time everyone should take apart before starting a new season in their life."


Melia Cuenca / USA - DTS Feb 2017

“I’ve worked with missions before and always felt almost satisfied. With ywam, I was thrilled – the teachings are awesome, the base is comfortable and easy to live – I feel great just being in the school. I couldn’t be happier!”


Dominic Valiente / USA - DTS Feb 2017

DTS was life changing and I have experienced God in deep and profound ways. 

I will never be the same. I experienced healing personally and have witnessed 

the power of God working in and through my life.  

Alex England / USA - DTS Feb 2018

I am so glad I decided to step out in faith and do my DTS two years ago, The Lord absolutely rocked me and the plans I had for my life. I have a passion for God and I now know my purpose is to serve Him. DTS revealed God's love and uncovered my own heart. if you have questions about your calling and purpose in life... If you have a yearning to know the Lord more and develop a deeper relationship with Him, I highly recommend doing a DTS!


Lisa Passauer / Germany - DTS Feb 2018

"DTS showed me how an everyday life withGod looks like. It was laying a foundation that deepened my relationship with the Lord in an extraordinary way. I'm still very grateful I was getting the chance to have 5 months just between God and me."


Õnne-Liis Ardeväljia / Estonia - DTS 2018

"I thought I knew a lot about God before doing my YWAM School, but in my DTS I actually got to know God on a much more personal level and it's something so good and crucial for all believers. I wouldn't trade it for the world!"


Allison Wilson / USA - DTS 2019

“My DTS was the most transforming experience of my life. God met me in the areas of my life that I felt could never be fixed and some that I felt didn't need to be changed, but obviously did. I will be forever grateful to God for leading me to YWAM and especially Ventura because my relationship with Him is deeper and better than ever before and I can't wait to see where He will lead next.“