Expression DBS

This school was birthed in the desire to see that the journey that started in DTS would continue in DBS. Our passion is to see Spirit and Truth operating together! You will be encountering the full story God in the scriptures, training will occur in the context of community that produces a lifestyle of Christianity. This course is designed to help get a student deeply and personally acquainted with the Bible from cover to cover. 

DBS is designed to touch the new generation, by having them engage with scripture in a dynamic way. Our mission is to see both Word and Spirit blend together to catalyze an inward flame of revival! You will learn techniques for effective Bible study, and a series of guest speakers will help unlock the bible’s fascinating content.  Students continue the discipleship process begun in the DTS by addressing a variety of topics illuminated in the scriptures, by building godly character, and developing a lifelong hunger for the Word of God.

This will be not only accomplished in the classroom, but also outside the classroom through one-on-ones, small groups, and evangelism in the community.

Come and take your knowledge and understanding of the Word of God to another level!

Start Date:

July 8, 2019

End Date:

September 27, 2019

Lecture Fees:


* includes all housing, food, and ground transportation within the school period.

Optional Outreach:

(outreach is not required for course credit) 

* optional outreach is $2,500.