Skateboarders DTS

Discipleship Training School

DTS is a journey of knowing God and making Him known.

Beginning with  3  months of training (lecture phase) where you learn about God's character and nature, hearing God;s voice, biblical worldview, the cross and redemption, your identity in Christ, living a life of worship and reaching the nations. 

During the lecture phase there will be times of community connection, when we go out to engage with people, sharing faith and talking story... God's story, through various forms of service, street ministry and many skate parks, using every passionate gift within us to connect with people and share God's love with our community. 

The outreach phase is focused on indigenous peoples... you will encounter the Native tribe of HOPI and visit the Mesas of Arizona, then go international into Northern India where you will hike into isolated villages in the  Himalayan mountain range, to the most unreached people groups of the world, to share the Love and story of God. 

Make God known  ... Making Disciples of all Nations!

January 13th 2020

Lecture Phase $3600 usd

Outreach phase $2600 usd

* includes all housing, food, and ground travel within the DTS.  

*does not include outreach destination costs (flights, visa etc).